Taste & Serve

When it’s combined with the rich, full bodied water, from our own private aquifer, and the 100% local botanicals, it creates a unique and sophisticated depth of flavour that no other gin can deliver.

All good things take time, care and passion and our premium gin will stand the test of time. It truly is the spirit of Loch Ness in a bottle.

Loch Ness Gin - Real & Rare, stands on its own as a sipping gin. It can be enjoyed neat, with or without ice. Savour it as you would a single malt.

This single juniper gin also lends itself to some delicious longer serves:

Enjoy a refreshing gin & tonic with Fever Tree tonic water and a slice of kiwi fruit.

Add some luxury to your drink and spoil yourself with a gin and soda water, garnished with a sliver of vanilla.

For an alternative twist, try some fresh rhubarb and ginger beer.

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